The Beauty Of Essaouira

Essaouira 1I was travelling in Morocco – a sensual haven by the way! Me, my back-pack containing a quarter of my wardrobe (which is quite big by the way and I somehow managed to put it into my not so big back-pack), my rolled up towel, my tooth-brush, my little bottle of Citronella to warn off those pesky mosquitos and my beloved Tea Tree oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics – which I wouldn’t have
left home without!
On my adventures, I came across a little village not far from Marrakesh. This little village known as Essaouira is allegedly where Jimi Hendrix visited in the summer of 1969 and wrote fair few songs to add to his repertoire. I was deeply in awe of the colors of this city, the colors…the sights, the smells, the lights, the call-to- prayer – which I found so majestic, the ever color changing bright skies and not to mention the vast blue choppy ocean. Yes Essaouira is a little Moroccan city that resides by the Atlantic sea. The waves are so vast and strong that many surfers and wind surfers have this incredible village on their list to go and surf!
Mogador was the once formal name of Essaouira and was once home to the Berbers (an old desert tribe that still exists). Now while there is still a lot of Berber influence in Essaouira, it’s now home to a wide variety of peoples – including a few Westerners that have decided to make this Jimi-esk village their home. I found that this little city carried so much history, culture and
really felt like a warm and welcoming family town. I noticed many people knew each-other – although they usually do in small villages but this had a special feel to it. It seemed as if people operated in such a way that they would do things for each-other quite unconditionally, like an unspoken rule of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”… but even more unconditional than that.

I noticed people’s doors were open, I got invited into many of them (usually blue doors) to drink Moroccan mint tea and play (as best as I could) on the drums or bang on them more like! Lol! I would just spend my days sinking into the warmth of Moroccan culture and thinking about my ancestors who had once lived there. Being half Moroccan, once I had finally touched ground with this land, I felt like I was completing a part of my family history. I was fascinated with this land from the moment I arrived. Even though I found it to be quite intense I must say – in other words Moroccans tend to not be afraid of getting all up in your grill you could say – I also learnt to just sit back, relax, drink tea and basically just learn to say NO.
That I would have to say would be my one of my own learn advice that I feel only fair to pass on to you. For females traveling alone, bring a head scarf, even though you may stick out like a sore thumb beiEssaouira 2ng a westerner in a scarf (although not always), in my opinion I found it helpful in terms of being less bothered on what can sometimes feel like a moment to moment basis. If you want to take it a step further you could always put a ring on your wedding finger and just point to it when it seems as if your about to be asked out for the 15 th millionth time! Not to sound egoistic at all, but it’s a well-known fact that Moroccan men are attracted to Western women. So all in all – I would say don’t leave Morocco off your travel map but make sure you pin in an avid NO into your vocal repertoire… I would say in actual fact don’t leave home without it!

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MOOCS Are The Future

moocSome people are very quick to condemn trade schools, but the fact of the matter is that many are choosing the alternative to the whole academia thing, be it via trade schools or massive online open courses. The latter, by the way, is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and it is probably not too long before certain MOOCs will be credited and accepted.

Education is a very tricky thing. But at its core, it is not on the teachers or lecturers. It is, first and foremost, on the parents. You need to educate your child, and do it sooner than later. Start very early. Start at age 2, for crying out loud.

Do it soon, because there is a chance that your kid will be sent to a school which – for whatever reason – doesn’t sit all well with you, and that can cause a lot of conflict. On the one hand, you know that school counts. On the other hand, you need to be aware of other ways to become educated, and figure out what is best for you and your kids.e-education

School matters, but if your kid is going to a bad school, with bad teachers, there is a good chance that they are wasting valuable time and energy. And there is a good chance you are wasting money, on something which society has deemed important but not yourself.

It is a tricky situation, and there is no one clear answer. If there was, there is a good chance there would be no need for me to write rants like these. The academic school years has begun, and already I am seeing students disillusioned by their surroundings and their professors. Is this really the way it should be? Well, maybe some of us need to be disillusioned. Time will tell.

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Check Your Grammar The Easy Way


Microsoft Word is a fine text formatting tool. I’ll give it that. But can it be serious about the spelling and grammar checking? In my experience, it is not the best option. Not by a long shot. Word’s built-in spelling and grammar tools are not up to par, and that used to leave me frustrated and annoyed.

Along came Grammarly (Grammarly review on, and helped me not throw my computer out of the window in frustration. There was the program I was looking for, and I didn’t even know I was looking for it! I happened to see an ad somewhere, I signed up for the free version, and then I downloaded the web browser extension for Chrome, also for free. What a change, wow.

Grammarly is based online. It is a website, and also a word processor, spellchecker, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and all-around wonder. It checks compatibility with styling, syntax, and improper placement of properly-spelled words.

The word processing portion of the website has a free version and a paid version. Both of these are accessed through the website, but the paying subscribers (Grammarly Premium) have the option of add a Microsoft plug-in, which integrates the wonders of Grammarly right into Word and Outlook. Premium is obviously a lot more comprehensive than the free version, but even the free version is nothing to sneeze at, especially compared to Word.

The website, which the writing platform is a part of, is actually a lot more than that. It includes a blog on writing and education, a handbook on you-either-die-a-grammar-nazi1grammar, a large FAQ section, and a dictionary and thesaurus. Grammarly’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are also very active, and the user community is always helpful.

The Premium edition of Grammarly is available in the form of monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans. For those who are students or educators, or who are part of an educational establishment, a separate platform – Grammarly@EDU – is available. It is a separate part of the site, which is meant for use by those in the field of education. The payment plans differ accordingly, being made by student or by campus. Grammarly@EDU is meant for students and educators of all kinds, from K-12 grades to academia and higher learning.
Grammarly was invented and designed in order to make you a better writer. It doesn’t stop at mere grammar and spellchecking, but goes to great lengths in order for a writer to improve his or her skills. Writing proper

English is an important skill. English is an international language which is studied and used by over a billion people worldwide. It is used constantly, whether in the analog world or the digital world.

This goes way beyond fixing a few grammatical mistakes or typos. It does that, yes, but it also helps you learn from your own mistakes, and avoid making them in the future. Talk about education!

So, I urge you to sign up for the free version, and to attach the web browser extension to whatever you are using now. It is available for firefox, chrome, and safari.

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Grammar Checkers For Everyone!

There are many word processing programs out there. Some are better than others, but they do have certain things in common. For instance, many of them focus only on spellchecking (and maybe a bit on grammar).Grammar checkers help

There is another kind of software, which takes the whole thing a step or two further, and provides the writer with a much more comprehensive and educational English writing experience. This is a short grammar checker software review, or rather overview.

If you want to write English which is clear and easy to read, you may need a hand. Generally speaking, these more advanced pieces of software – such as Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, Ginger, and others – don’t just fix your spelling, but also work hard to ensure that your skills develop as a writer. The more you write with them, the more you learn. I found great reviews of all these programs on They go into more detail into the pro’s and con’s of all of them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or an educator, an employee or a manager – strong English skills can catapult you onward. They can make you a more valuable asset to any workplace, and provide a basis for many advancements. There is no debating that being able to express yourself in this international language is a great advantage. Plus, let’s not forget that sometimes, one spelling mistake or grammatical error can cause you a whole lot of grief.

Grammar checkers may be integrated into your local word processor, or be web-based applications. Others are installed on your computer, and work with any textbox. There are many different kinds of programs, and they all claim to be just about perfect. This is an issue I have a problem with.

There is no perfect grammar checker. I don’t care how advanced your algorithms are. No such thing. I believe that no computer software can replace a living, breathing, human editor. What these programs can do, however, is be a great way to double check your work and develop your writing skills.Do your research

You shouldn’t believe everything you read online. My suggestion to you is that if you feel these programs might benefit you, you should visit their respective websites, sign up, download any free trial they may offer, and just start writing with them. There is no doubt you will find one – or more – which is comfortable for you. You will be able to see which ones are the easiest to work with, and which can provide you with the best writing experience.

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The Future of Grammar

Hey everybody, I’m Darla and grammar is important to me. Smile Poowas created as a place where other grammar geeks like me could go and feel at home. Grammar matters. I know I may be way off, but it’s how I feel. In this day and age, with autocorrects, templates, and emojis, grammar seems superfluous. I mean, who needs grammar when you have an animated icon of a smiling turd?

But, nevertheless, the written word is one which endures all. Language is like a mutation. A never-ending experiment. It morphs, it changes, and it gives us revelations and different results at every turn.

Education in grammar is not something that should be left to a machine. As much as I love grammar checking software – and I do – I feel that no software will ever be able to replace humans. When it comes to language – we really do know best. It isn’t arrogance. It is fact.

Learning how to communicate is how humans have always moved forward. We learned to talk, we learned to express ourselves, and we learned how to use the world around us to better ourselves. Some things cannot be taught, and some things can. Grammar matters. Punctuation matters. I really believe that.

I believe that language is the reason for our amazing advancements, and I strive to give it the respect it deserves. I have always loved English class. I loved it even more when we got to high school, and began getting more into poetry and classic literature. It is a shame to think that so many people will never get to read Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, for instance. I know, it makes me sound like an incredible douche. Well then, I am douchey – hear me roar.Slang

Education… We need it, we don’t need it, it’s overrated, it’s underrated, blah blah blah. The question is, what will be? Are we just going to let everything go digital? Are we going to let things get so distorted, that people will eventually say the word “LOL”, instead of literally laughing out loud? Only time will tell. And I am waiting.

I believe in language, and in the English grammar. I am not against progress, but it is sometimes frustrating to see what the internet has done to the spoken and written word. On the one hand, it is so innovative and unique. Seeing the way slang evolves, for instance, is a really cool thing to observe. On the other hand, I feel the internet and that whole world is kind of killing the English that I have known and loved for so long.

Time will tell.