MOOCS Are The Future

moocSome people are very quick to condemn trade schools, but the fact of the matter is that many are choosing the alternative to the whole academia thing, be it via trade schools or massive online open courses. The latter, by the way, is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and it is probably not too long before certain MOOCs will be credited and accepted.

Education is a very tricky thing. But at its core, it is not on the teachers or lecturers. It is, first and foremost, on the parents. You need to educate your child, and do it sooner than later. Start very early. Start at age 2, for crying out loud.

Do it soon, because there is a chance that your kid will be sent to a school which – for whatever reason – doesn’t sit all well with you, and that can cause a lot of conflict. On the one hand, you know that school counts. On the other hand, you need to be aware of other ways to become educated, and figure out what is best for you and your kids.e-education

School matters, but if your kid is going to a bad school, with bad teachers, there is a good chance that they are wasting valuable time and energy. And there is a good chance you are wasting money, on something which society has deemed important but not yourself.

It is a tricky situation, and there is no one clear answer. If there was, there is a good chance there would be no need for me to write rants like these. The academic school years has begun, and already I am seeing students disillusioned by their surroundings and their professors. Is this really the way it should be? Well, maybe some of us need to be disillusioned. Time will tell.

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