Getting Rid of Flaking Skin

One of the most common places to find flaky or scaly skin is on your feet. The toughest part about treating flaky feet is determining whether you’re simply dealing with a case of dry skin or a more precarious fungal infection such as athlete’s foot. Fungal infections are extremely common and usually feeteasy to treat. They are often the result of the feet being left in a warm, moist, and confined space, such as tight shoes in the summertime. Like athlete’s foot, jock itch is a common fungal infection which flourishes in moist and warm confined spaces. While jock itch can affect the entire body, it is most commonly found around the genitals, buttocks, and inner thighs due to the increased temperature and sweat. Somebody who has jock itch has probably been lax in keeping their body clean and dry. Furthermore, one of the best ways to keep these types of fungal infections away is to be meticulous about wearing clean clothes, especially underwear and socks.

Another great way to get rid of athlete’s foot is kind of gross but it works really well. You can pee on your feet in the shower. Pee was used throughout history for many medical treatments. Your own pee is really effective at doing a lot of things for you body because it is acidic and also sterile. Plus if you do it every time you are in the shower it is a great way of preemptively avoiding getting any foot infection. Especially from a fungus because the acid in the urine will kill any fungus that might be residing on your feet. It is also free which is nice. All these expensive creams and pills out there to cure your fungal foot infection is dumb when you could just pee on them. You should do it in the shower so you can wash the pee off your feel afterwards because pee smells like pee and no one wants their feet to smell like pee. Pee smells like pee and no ever though that pee smelled good. Why do people think pee smells bad. What is in pee that makes it smell bad?

I know it is body waste and body waste should smell bad to people so that we avoid it. If we liked the smell of body waste then it kind of defeats the feet1purpose of it being waste.

But back to foot fungus, anything that is antifungal will work great for killing any stink on your feet. High quality olive oil works great for getting rid of athlete’s foot as well. In ancient Rome they used olive oil to clean themselves. They didn’t use soap they would just scrape dirt off themselves and then cover themselves with olive oil to kill any bacteria and to protect them from the sun. High Quality olive oil is a great thing to treat a lot of external issues you may be having. Cleaning your feet with olive oil and using it to clear up any other infection or breakout you’re having on your  skin.

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