Glock 17 & 19 – Head To Head

So you’ve got your aim on point and are in the market for a new handgun. As one of the most reputable gun manufacturers that exists in the world, there is no shortage of quality products to be had when browsing Glocks’ impressive catalog of handguns. However, there are certainly different needs had by different gun owners, and both advantages and disadvantages to owning certain kinds of guns. Therefore, it’s important to remember that when comparing and contrasting guns, the question isn’t necessarily ‘which gun is superior’, the question is, ‘which gun is better suited to satisfy my needs and wants in a firearm’?glock 17 vs 19

Cream Of The Crop

Two of the most popular models ever released by Glock are the Glock 17 and the Glock 19. Both handguns and frequently employed as self-defense weapons, the Glock 17 and the Glock 19 are critically acclaimed as well as universally praised. Don’t believe me? has a Glock 17 vs 19 article that compares these powerhouse guns. Not only do these Glock models represent successful model launches on behalf of Glock, they have been trends-setters in the industry, creating revolutions in handguns that have been both admired and copied in the industry by virtually all of Glock’s competitors.  There are a number of distinctions and differences to dissect when discussing the Glock 17 and the Glock 19, all of which make the guns different and unique. However, one is not necessarily superior to the other – rather, they are different than each other. The greatest and most vital difference in these two firearms is the size. The Glock 19 is something of a sequel to, or a successor to the Glock 17 and therefore is very similar to the Glock 17, however it is a smaller firearm – and there is enough of a size difference that this makes something of a big difference.

However, the size difference is not necessarily a good or a bad thing – rather, people with smaller hands generally tend to favor the Glock 19, due to the improved comfort and fit, while folks with larger hands find comfort with the Glock 17’s larger frame and grip.

In my experience, the Glock 17 usually features better build quality – not that there is anything wrong with or lacking in the Glock 19 build, but the Glock 17 is legitimately one of the most well-made guns I have ever had the pleasure of firing, and I have fired a number of Glock 17’s in my day – I’m not just talking about one version of the model.

glock 17 vs 19 ccwSomething else to consider, especially when considering buying one of these Glock’s as a self-defense weapon, is size in regards to concealed carrying. If you’re going to concealed carry, it may be in your best interests to pursue the Glock 19 as opposed to the Glock 17, even if your hands are on the larger side, given the fact that smaller guns are far easier to concealed carry. However, this depends on the wants and needs of the gun owner, and it is for this reason that I advise visiting a range or gun shop and trying these guns in person before purchasing. A gun is a major purchase, and should be given the appropriate amount of thought, attention, and caution that it deserves. Good luck!

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