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Now, when you’re picking a handgun you could just go to informative sites like Gunivore, but it’s also very important to consider just what you’re going to be using it for. I think that’s definitely the first consideration you should take when you’re trying to buy a firearm, as you probably wouldn’t get a tiny snub nosed pistol for range shooting, and you wouldn’t pick up a desert eagle for concealed carry. There is, of course, many more considerations that must be considered before actually picking out a gun, but knowing what you’ll be using it for is definitely first and foremost. There is no strictly second thing for you to be checking, as everything that comes afterwards is roughly equal, even price range isn’t that much of a big issue, as there is usually a large selection no matter what price range you want to go to. However, this isn’t to say that price range shouldn’t be considered, it is just saying that you should take price range as not being the most important.

And while there is no specific next thing for you to be considering, I will still be going over them in an order. There is no special meaning to the order, it’s just the way I wrote it. After you’ve decided on what you’ll be using your pistol for, you next need to figure out what will feel comfortable in your hand. This isn’t something that you can really do at home, so you’ll have to ask the owner of the gun shop that you’ll be going to for assistance. Another important factor is the weight of the gun. If the gun is too heavy, keeping it steady is going to be impossible, and while this may be okay for range shooting, where you might be able to rest your

Clockwise starting at topleft: Glock G22, Glock G21, Kimber Custom Raptor, Dan Wesson Commander, Smith & Wesson Air Weight .357, Ruger Blackhawk .357, Ruger SP101, Sig Sauer P220 Combat.

arm on something, it would make a gun completely useless for day to day carry or home defense. Obviously there is no such thing as too light of a gun, so don’t worry about that. Once you’ve found the type of gun you want, that’s the right size and weight for your hand, it’s time to get down to price. A lot of guns are made very similarly to other guns, with other manufacturers using different materials or internal components. These small changes can actually add up to a lot of difference, as some metals are much heavier than others. Something to consider as well at this stage is magazine capacity. Although this step isn’t the most pressing, it’s still worth considering. Lastly, when you have a gun that fits your needs, your hand, and your price range, it’s time to start considering looks. Looks is honestly the least important part of the gun, as what you need is for the gun to work, not to look pretty. If you’re looking for wall ornaments, a fully functional firearm is not the best choice. But it is important that you like your purchase, so after you have narrowed it down enough, you can narrow it down even further, and then make your choice.

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