I Tried Hair Oil

I don’t know much about hair oil, but my sister and my mother both love putting oil into their hair. My hair doesn’t really need a hair oil treatment, because it’s not so dry or frizzy but I really appreciate what hair oil curly hair3treatments do for others. It’s so amazing watching youtube videos of people using hair oil treatments and seeing the results. I love a well oiled curl.

My mom puts coconut oil into her hair after every bath or shower. She feels it tames her hair and makes it less frizzy. Which is probably true. My younger sister has extremely thick hair, so she also uses some type of hair oil after a shower. It really makes a difference for them. Which is why I decided to give it a try.

So I decided to go really natural. Instead of hitting up a pharmacy, I went to a health food store and bought some coconut oil. Yes, I could have gotten this anywhere but I wanted to be extra. The fatty acids that are found in coconuts are what I was really excited for. How often can you put fatty acids on your hair? Yes, exactly! The fatty acids allow it to go deep into the scalp. I also really like the smell of coconut, way more than I like the taste, so why not have my hair smell like them?

Here’s the thing with coconut oil, it is only liquid when it’s warm. If your house is cold or just plain old room temperature, it’s probably going to be solid. Therefore you need to warm it up and let it cool before applying it to your head. I can’t think of anything more painful than pouring hot oil onto your scalp. Can you? Well anyway, I had to wait a long time before it was cool enough to put on my hair and yes, I did burn the tips of my finger during the cool down process. Anyway, it was great. After about an hour, I was able to use it. If you wait too long, it will be solid again.washing colored hair

I then completely drenched my hair in it. I probably went a little overboard but it was well worth it. Because after leaving it in my hair for 30 minutes or so, I jumped in the shower and cleaned it out with a natural shampoo. You’d think that this would just strip all the work you just did, but your average natural shampoo won’t clean your hair like a clarifying shampoo. I did this once a week for about a month, and I felt that my hair was much silkier.

When my sister and mom do it, they don’t wash it out. Because they need it to keep the frizz away. They also didn’t put as much as I did in. I’m so excited to continue doing this because it smells so great. My boyfriend even likes it. I vote yes for natural hair oil treatment.

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