Looking for marketing experts to answer questions on the future of AI Marketing

2019 Impact The impact that AI is already having on Marketing and will continue to have in 2019 is that of improved sales conversion and ad generation. Through the magic of AI, companies are now capable of assessing massive amounts of consumer information quickly. This information can then be utilized in order to create more targeted, more specific and more effective advertisements. AI2

5-10 Years Impact It’s hard to imagine how sophisticated our AI and algorithms will be in 5-10 years, but one can reasonably assume that an even finer science will be established which allows companies to target consumers not only based on interests and purchasing history, but on real-life developments and circumstantial data.

Cases like the one in which Target discovered a girl was pregnant before her father did will become more commonplace as AI advances and becomes more accurate and more capable at gaining and using consumer data. Skills For Marketing Professionals To Work With AI Let’s look at the predictions above – AI will become more capable at gaining and applying consumer information in the future. We can deduce from this that Marketing Professionals will be utilized less for doing either of these two things and more for determining how to guide the AI systems. In other words, Marketing Professionals need to become skilled at knowing how to drive organic marketing pushes – think social media or influencer marketing – and knowing where to drive the bulk of their AI-driven marketing. In this way, not only will Marketing Professionals not become superfluous – they will become more valuable than ever.AI

There is nobody out there who won’t be affected by the advancement of AI marketing. Marketing is a concept that is constantly evolving as our daily needs change as a society. There are numerous reasons why these constantly change, but the growth of technology is one of those. Also, as the technology is changing so is the way that our society as a whole responds to it. This means that marketing is always changing to keep in line with trends. I don’t know anybody who isn’t swept away by trends and this might not even be a conscious thing. Sometimes, the only thing that is readily available is the trendy thing and that’s how society works. Honestly, it’s not something that I personally agree with, I think that everyone should do what resonates with them and not be a sheep in a herd. Being a follower can have numerous implications but I think the biggest one is that you basically don’t have to use your own brain or gut because you’ll just do whatever everyone else does because that’s just what everybody does. If you fall in with the wrong crowd this can have disastrous consequences to your life. Generally speaking though the impact isn’t so bad, but you’d still rather be a leader than a follower. This is just my take on trends though, I could be wrong.

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